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Kerastase Fusio Dose can fix any and all hair problems and completely transform it. This treatment consists of a number of concentrates and Booster (sold separately) ingredients which you can choose from depending on the type of damage your hair has sustained. Kerastase Concentre Systeme Fibrionic enriched with micro-polymers nourishes, detangles and softens hair; it also increases smoothness and enhances light-reflection which makes your hair appear shinier.

The Kerastase Concentre Nutre Huile adds to the softening, beneficial nourishment, and health of hair but uses micro-drops of water and oil instead of polymers to achieve the desired effect. Finally our Concentre Vita-Ciment reinforces and replenishes hair while our Concentre pro-Calcium thickens it.

Kerastase Concentre Oleo Fusion - instant deep nutrition treatment

Kerastase Concentre Pixelist - shine treatment for a radiant color

Kerastase Concentre Vita Ciment - Instant reparation treatment

Kerastase Concentre Substantif - Instant densifying treatment


Please make sure to purchase more then 5 Fusio Dose of your choice to get the Sprayer for Free





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21 Reviews

5th Jun 2016

Amazing product

I have been using Kerastase oleo fusion for years. It works better than any other deep conditioner I have tried. It makes your hair shiny, frizzless and healthy. When I am consistent with the product, my hairdresser can tell a difference.

BMC78 25th Apr 2016

What a great surprise

My hair is really overworked, I get it chemically straighten and also dyed, on top of this I blowdry my hair every time I wash it and use a flat iron to style the ends. The fusio dose with the booster (old one) make a huge difference with one single dose. The hair gets really soft and shiny. I usually mix the dose and booster and use different ones each time. I learned from my hairstylist that applying the hair mask together and letting it sit for about 10 minutes (I usually leave a bit more) improves significantly the action of the product. I think it's expensive, even using the old booster, but totally worth it!

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