Remember when your stylist said you must continuously cut your split ends!!! Fret no more, it is not necessary with Kerastase's latest product Serum TherapisteSerum Therapiste is formulated with Fibra -Kaptm (makes up for missing KAPs in hair fibers), 6 amino-acids (repair damage), wheat protein (smoothness and shine) and Resurrection Sap (preserves the structure of the hair fiber).  This dual formula of oil and cream will instantly strengthen, repair and protect  your hair.  Kerastase Serum Therapiste will leave you with up to 76% split end FREE!!! Also, protects hair fibers up to 450F against blow dryers, straighteners, curlers, etc.

Direction of Use:

  • Serum Therapiste may be applied to ends that are either towel dried or dry hair
  • Proceed to blow dry or style as usual
  • DO NOT rinse.
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4 Reviews

J 2nd Oct 2015


leaves hair soft and shinny, great conditioning, i got lots of compliments.

Sandi 3rd Aug 2014

LOVE this!

Love the way it made my hair so soft, almost frizz free, and made it look like I had NO split ends at all! Smells pretty good, too!

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