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Kerastase Specifique Aminexil Cure  is a great product to use on hair that is breaking off, or hair that is thinning. It has the ability to help reduce hair loss. This product can also improve a person’s hair density. The Specifique Aminexil Cure contains gluco-lipid-gL, which is used to hydrate and strengthen the hair. It is also able to shield hair from the root, all the way to the tip. There are approximately 42 6 ml sachets of treatment in the Specifique Aminexil Cure. Scalp irritation is easily reduced, due to the Madecassoside Molecule-M that is loaded into this product.Aminexil Cure

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2 Reviews

G.D 11th Aug 2017

Efficient product

My French hairdresser adviced me this product in FRANCE a long time ago and I always use it because it really works for fine hair and for regrowing hair. G.D French customer

sabine dazin 30th Sep 2015

great product

It works !!!!!!

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